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Kathmandu Nagarkot & Dhulikhel Tour

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Package name Kathmandu Nagarkot & Dhulikhel Tour
Duration 3
Max. elevation 2175 m
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Kathmandu Nagarkot & Dhulikhel with All Destination Holidays allows travelers to experience the pristine natural surroundings within Kathmandu valley. A great way to enjoy tremendous scenery of mountains and hills landscapes in the shade of massif Himalayan peaks. As well as enjoying the glorious sunrise views from scenic hills of Nagarkot and Dhulikhel in the vicinity of serene environment.

Kathmandu Nagarkot & Dhulikhel Tour is a perfect way to escape in the harmony of cool fresh mountain air. Overlooking grand panorama of Central and Western Himalayan range as far towards Everest, in the comfort of lovely mountain resorts.

The wonderful tour begins at Kathmandu, visiting places of great cultural, historical, and religious interest of both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Enjoy the wonderful tour of world heritage sites, and then head towards the high green hills of Kathmandu valley rim.

Nagarkot is a famous popular hill for domestic and foreign visitors to enjoy the picturesque mountain views. Includes stunning sunrise, and sunset views reflecting on white peaks of the Himalayas from Manaslu, Ganesh, and Langtang to the Jugal Himal range.

The spectacular views of snow peaks extend to Gaurishankar and Everest towards the far eastern horizon. Certainly an amazing location, and then the drive leads to Dhulikhel Newar town of more than 500 years old history.

From Dhulikhel, another best spot for excellent panoramic views of the central and eastern Himalayan ranges. A great place with many good mountain resorts for holidaymakers, as well as a town for adventure. Where one can enjoy the Zip Liner also for the exciting thrill of adventure sports.

After a marvelous time around the cooler scenic hills of Nagarkot and Dhulikhel, observing the rural farm life. Along with impressive cultures of hill people, then drive back to Kathmandu, enjoying great times in Nagarkot and Dhulikhel tour.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Tour of Kathmandu places of interest and drive to Nagarkot -02 hrs

Morning after breakfast city and cultural guide receives you for short drive in the heart of Kathmandu city. Explore the exciting streets full of shops and vendors, the guide leads you to uncountable monuments around Kathmandu Durbar Square. The traditional resident of the Living Goddess (Kumari Ghar), ferocious Kal Bhairab, are a few interesting sights at the Square. The buildings here are the greatest achievements of the Malla dynasty from 7 th to 16 th Century. The Square teems with colorful life around the Kasthamandap Temple, where the name of Kathmandu derived from. The word means a temple built from a single tree woods.

After an interesting time around the Old Durbar Square, drive outskirt of Kathmandu city towards west. Visit the famous landmark of Nepal the Swayambhunath, located on a hillock above the Kathmandu city.

Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple):

Swayambhunath a large dome Stupa, the area is also popularly called as the Monkey Temple. Due to large number of Rhesus species monkeys dwells around the forest of Swayambhunath complex.

The whole Stupa on a hill is a mosaic of small Chaitiya and pagoda temples possessing great five Mahayana (Lamaism) and one Hinayana (Therbadist).

On the hind hill is located another important Buddhist shrine; it is called Manjushree. This Chinese Buddha the God of Knowledge who created the Kathmandu valley and drain the lake.

From Swayambhunath back to hotel for lunch, afternoon drive to Nagarkot, heading towards east of Kathmandu city. Drive leads past the outskirt of Bhaktapur city and then uphill as air gets cooler reaching Nagarkot for overnight stop. Late afternoon at Nagarkot enjoy the glories of sunset over chain of Himalayan peaks.

Nagarkot, located on top Bhaktapur city and from eastern rim of Kathmandu valley at 2,175 m high. A popular and famous mountain resorts for city folks of Kathmandu and for outside visitors. Where one can enjoy the spectacular Himalayan mountain views in the comfort of nice luxurious hotels and resorts.

Day 2 : Morning enjoy the sunrise and drive to Dhulikhel -02 hrs

Early morning catch the stunning sunrise over an array of snow-capped mountain range, extends as far towards Mt. Everest. Having a hearty breakfast, drive downhill close to Bhaktapur city, and then on main highway. As drive leads uphill to Sanga, possible stop for short tour to the temple with gigantic statue of Lord Shiva.

After an interesting tour continue drive on good road past large town of Banepa with short climb to Dhulikhel. Located at 1,550 m high a traditional Newari town of than 500 years old history. After checking into a nice hotels or resorts, with time to explore the town old areas of great cultural interest.

Visit the Narayan and Harisiddhi temples adorned with profuse wood carvings. The Gokhureswar Mahadev temple, a 30 minutes’ walk to the eastern part of town, is a peaceful and scenic spot.

Dhulikhel, offers grand panorama of the Himalayas along with beautiful sunset views. Enjoying the leisure walks around Dhulikhel back to hotel, for delicious sumptuous dinner.

Day 3 : Enjoy sunrise and mountain views and drive back to Kathmandu-02 hrs

Rise early morning to catch striking sunrise views over chain of Central Himalayan peaks. Having breakfast and then drive back to Kathmandu, a pleasant ride past rural farm villages and towns. Finally reaching the hustle and bustle city life of Kathmandu, and then check into your hotels. After a marvelous experience visiting scenic hills of Nagarkot and Dhulikhel.


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