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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

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Package name Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour
Duration 6
Max. elevation m
Level EASY
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
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Cost USD 999 per person



‘From Kathmandu valley places of interest to Lumbini Lord Buddha place of birth’
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour with All Destinations Holidays takes you around impressive and interesting places of Buddhism.
Nepal, although a Hindu-based country, where Buddhism also has an important role in Nepalese society. Where visitors can observe the blend of Hinduism and Buddhism living in perfect peaceful harmony. 
Various places of great cultural, historical, and pilgrimage interest around Kathmandu Valley within its three cities. Tour starts from Kathmandu visiting the old Swayambhunath Stupa, with more than 2,500 years of history. Stands on a hillock above the valley and Kathmandu city, with the mystical eyes of Lord Buddha facing the city. Tour leads to a holy circuit of the Stupa and visits the monastery with a statue of Matriya the future Buddha. Observe the monks and priests in religious activities, along with grand views of Kathmandu valley and the city.
From Swambhunath Stupa, a tour of Bouddhanath a large dome Stupa, the biggest in Asia, of three tiers. A beautiful and amazing place to experience and visit the nearby monasteries of great interest in Mahayana Buddhism. 
Which is the most popular sect of Buddhism in Nepal with few Hinayana means lesser wheels, and Mahayana as greater wheels. The tour extends beyond the city of Kathmandu to the holy meditation caves of the 6th Century Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava. Meditated in the caves of Pharping south of Kathmandu city on his way to construct the Samye monastery in Tibet.   
The pilgrimage visit takes you to the magnificent Mahaboudha temple in Patan / Lalitpur, a replica of an original Buddhist temple. Which is in Bodhgaya in UP India, from Patan visiting the holiest site of Namobuddha. Where the supreme future Matriya Buddha sacrificed his flesh to a hunger tigress saving both the cubs and mother.
Finally, the pilgrimage tour takes you down south around the flatland of Nepal in the Terai belt at Lumbini. The nerve of Buddhism pilgrimage, in the land where Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini. A great exciting and amazing place for worship and prayers visiting its ancient sites and magnificent monuments.
After a wonderful pilgrimage tour of Lumbini, fly back to Kathmandu, on enjoying the interesting sites and places. Then concluding the memorable experience on Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour with All Destinations Holidays.       

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Tour of old Swayambhunath and Bouddhanath Stupas.

Morning after breakfast city and cultural guide receives you for short drive 

outskirt of Kathmandu city towards west. Visit the famous landmark of Nepal the 

Swayambhunath, located on a hillock above the Kathmandu city.

Swayambhunath a large dome Stupa, the area is also popularly called as the Monkey Temple. Due to large number of Rhesus species monkeys dwells around the forest of Swayambhunath complex. 

The whole Stupa on a hill is a mosaic of small Chaitiya and pagoda temples possessing great five Mahayana (Lamaism) and one Hinayana (Therbadist). 
On the hind hill is located another important Buddhist shrine; it is called Manjushree. This Chinese Buddha the God of Knowledge who created the Kathmandu valley and drain the lake.

From Swayambhunath a short drive east to Bouddhanath huge stupa, the area is also called Little Tibet. The largest Buddhist monument of South Asia. 
The ancient colossal dome shaped Chorten built in 6th century A.D. by King Man Deb. Stands on a series of three terraces, relevant shape of a lotus flower.

Surrounded by circular market, which forms as part of mini Tibet with all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. The Stupa embraces authentic philosophy of Mahayana, faith known as Lamaism in Nepal, Sikkim, Ladakh, Bhutan and Tibet. 

Enjoy the lunch in one of its many excellent roof top restaurants with close background of beautiful Bouddhanath Stupa. 

After a grand tour and pilgrimage of exciting and interesting world heritage sites of Buddhist holy monuments and complex drive back to hotel.

Day 2 : Visit Pharping where Guru Padmasambava meditated and tour of Patan / Lalitpur Mahaboudha and Asoka’s Stupas.

Morning a short drive to southern valley and city rim of Kathmandu to Pharping, a small old town and village. Where a sacred site and a holy cave located, a great saint Padmasambhava of 16th Century meditated on his way to Tibet. 

A peaceful surroundings, visit the monastery and the caves of great religious importance, as saint Padmasambhava founder of Nyingma. A sect of Buddhism which flourished within Tibet and around Nepal Himalayas, Padmasambhava is also known as Guru Rinpoche. 

From Pharping after an interesting pilgrimage, a short drive to Kathmandu adjoining city to Patan or Lalitpur. The city of beautiful arts and crafts visit the main Durbar Square Palace courtyard of the Malla Dynasty reigning from the 9th to 17th Century. At Patan tour of Mahaboudha temple dedicated to Lord Buddha, the historical constructed in the 16th Century. 

A replica of the Shikara model similar to the one in Bodhgaya-India, the monument is also called a temple of thousand Buddha’s.

The image of Buddha is engraved in every brick of the temple, from here drive back to hotel. After an exciting day on tour and pilgrimage to interesting sites of Buddhism on the outskirt of Kathmandu city. 

Day 3 : Drive to Dhulikhel and visit Namobuddha holy site.

Morning enjoy exciting drive of few hours to Dhulikhel an old Newari town of more than 500 years history. After a brief stop overlooking grand views of Himalayan chain of peaks. Drive leads further south towards Namobuddha a holy Buddhist site. Situated on a serene environment visit the Thrangu Tashi Yangtse a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Stands on top of Namobuddha holy complex, facing grand views of Himalayan peaks towards north. It is one of the most beautiful spot for all travelers and pilgrims interested in Buddhism religion.

The very spot known as the Three Stupas in Nepal is Tagmo Lüjin. Means "The place where the future Matriya Buddha sacrificed his body to a tigress". 
It is a blessed place, where supreme Buddha whose location is unmistaken based on the clear identification given in the Sutra Requested by the Tigress and so forth.

After a pleasant and wonderful experience visiting the holy site of Namobuddha, drive back to Kathmandu. On reaching the city area check into your hotels after a marvelous experience visiting scenic hills of Dhulikhel and holy site of Namobuddha. 

Day 4 : Bhairawa Gautama Buddha Airport and drive to Lumbini.

Transfer to Kathmandu domestic airport, as per the flight time for Bhairawa Gautama Buddha Airport. A scenic flight of less than an hour of 50 minutes, overlooking grand views of Himalayan range of snow peaks. 

On landing at Bhairawa Gautama Buddha, at present also an International Airport received by our representative and guide. A short drive leads past the town of Bhairawa to Lumbini, close to the premises of Lord Buddha’s birth place.

Check to a nice hotels, our guide will take you for a short walk around the market places and interesting places of Lumbini.

Day 5 : Free day for tour of Lord Buddha’s birth site and premises.

Morning enjoy an interesting tour of Lumbini main holy site around the Lord Buddha’s birth place. A beautiful garden in the harmony of ancient backdrop of temples, Stupa’s and monasteries. The visit leads to all famous sites that Lumbini has to offer from Maya Devi’s historical and holy temple. Includes Asoka’s ancient Pillar that signifies the right spot of Buddha’s birth site of old Sakya Kingdom.

Tour of various monasteries of different Buddhist countries, visit the Light of Peace around its serene surroundings. As well the sacred pond where Buddha’s mother Maya Devi use to bathe.

After a glorious exciting day back to hotel, rest of the day at leisure for individual activities and to browse the streets of Lumbini.

Day 6 : Morning bid farewell to Lumbini, drive and fly to Kathmandu. 

As time for flight to Kathmandu, depart from the hotel for short drive to Bhairawa and Gautama Buddha Airport. A panoramic sweeping flight brings back to Kathmandu, after a memorable visit to Lumbini the Birth Place of Lord Buddha.


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